Today I made another $3,250 day trading in a matter of an hour. Printing money like this is much like being the Federal Reserve, just way more ethical and fun. They print money and dilute our currency, hurting the poor while I make money and give some of it to the poor.

The rush one gets from jumping in and out of stocks and seeing thousands of Dollars flow is second to none. I have been there, drag racing, drugs, women. Done it all and there is one thing I will say. It does not come close to day trading and the feeling of adrenaline and power it gives.

Last night, Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing a yellow Lamborghini in a race against a red Ferrari on a residential street. He is suspected of drinking and drug use. These are the cheap thrills that will ultimately kill you. Sure, we all do things like this to some extend (some more than others). Didn't Bieber learn anything from Paul Walker's tragic death? The bottom line is, Justin Bieber, get your thrills from day trading and you will never want to gamble in any other way again. Trading is amazing because not only does it give you the thrill of the hunt and kill, but you learn discipline, emotional control and how to make decision that are intelligent.

I think Justin Bieber is a good guy losing his path. I am offering him my tutelage in pro trading. Make tens of millions a year and get the same thrills and driving a Lamborghini 150 mph. I will teach you how to be the king of the stock market, jumping in and out of stocks, printing more money in a morning than you make doing any concert at night.

Gareth Soloway