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    Default 6/6/06 will the markets get spooked?

    Watch out for the little devils today (and i don't mean the MM's... )

    I wonder if fool somewhere might decide to make superstition into history one way or another.
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    Default CNBC folks...

    So what do most of you have tuned in during your day? Bloomberg, FOX, CNBC? Interested in peoples thoughts on their fav/ least fav talking heads. I love Rick Santelli (sp?) from the bond pit on CNBC.. his hand gestures remind me of Mandrake the magician, lol!
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    Default Hollywood - our best export for free?

    I've watched both X-men & The DaVinci Code. I liked both movies. I thought X-men "The Last Stand" was about the best PG-13 movie I've ever seen. It makes me happy when Hollywood makes good movies because this puts a little dent in our trade deficit. Additionally, I don't feel ripped off when I leave the theatre.

    I was listening to CNBC and China's favorite search site allows them to download movies for free. This is why Google isn't doing well in Asia. I was upset by this because it's like China's government is anti-capitalist. I was thinking they came a long way; e.g., I was happy when I heard that China was not allowing PCs to be manufactured and sold with MS Office products that had been illegally coppywritted for free. However, they're still allowing its citizens to download all our movies for free. It's pretty sad that we're so upset about Mexicans leaving their families to come work hard for low wages when it seems China is getting one over on us.

    Free trade or capitalism doesn't work without having a good moral or ethical center - Kudlow was preaching about this yesterday. I think our government needs to be tighter, and charge China a tariff on all incoming products. This would teach them how to become more honest capitalists. Yes, this would make us pay a little more for their products too. I just dont think we should let other countries take advantage of our system. What do you think about this?

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