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    Default Sports Thread

    I figured we needed one of these. Especially when the market gets this ugly what else is there but the triviality of sports to entertain us. If there is a barrage of responses to this thread perhaps it will necessitate the creation of sport specific threads (e.g baseball, football, or MLB, NFL, etc) but for now lets all lump them in this one.

    So who follows what? Anyone excited for the post season in the MLB or the start of traingin camp in the NFL?

    Personally my teams on the professional level are the Reds and Bengals. The Reds recently made some trades, though controversial, that hopefully will help them sure up the wild card or even better overtake the Cards in the NL Central.

    And what can I say about the Bengalis? After a decade of disgrace they are a contender this yr. after winning the division last yr. Too bad my poor ass can't afford decent tickets. Damn seat licenses and ticket brokers!

    So what'cha go?
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    Default Hurricane Season

    Could it be that we are returning to seasonal norms ?

    This time last year 5 named storms had already made landfall.

    6/29 Bret
    7/05 Cindy
    7/10 Dennis
    7/11 Arlene
    7/18 Emily
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    Default Maybe I have this all wrong........

    and I suffer from a lack of understanding or maybe basic economic education but it has always been my thought that the markets were the engine that drove the economy.
    The Fed, on the otherhand has said time and time again that they give no thought or consideration to the marketplace which flies in the face of Greenspan's stupid remark about irrational exhuberance.
    Bernanke repeated the remark that they (the Feds) give no consideration to the market which is readily apparent. He denied that the Fed's actions were responsible for the market's plunge. Is this totally disengenuous or what ?
    I get so damned tired of the government's attempts to micro manage each facet of our lives and the economy. If I could sell my house, I would be long gone.
    Anyone want to live in beautiful, overcrowded California where mortgage defaults are on the rise ??

    bread $3.50
    catfish 6.99 lb.
    gas 3.29 gal.

    Price of pre owned homes....plummeting

    Sure glad they have a handle of inflation and are managing this economy so well !
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    Default Brain Flatulance: tha Video Professor--A Review

    Well, I took the plunge and am trying his FREE sampler "TV Evangelism"

    The Professor starts with the basics of being a good evangelist using "Revelation" and working out from there...The Prof stresses often "Motivate by Fear!"...(Tip of his to the Wise: "It is 'Revelation' and not 'RevelationS', hmmm..."

    "Prayer offering are important in this field--Not donation$!..Filthy lucre is merely the means to the end of ultimately having a mega "tent"--size in this business does count, he says at one time, with that winsome "I know" TV grin of his...

    The Video Professor, using your computer, works through the Bible to build your TV ministry on:

    He is no fan of "Leviticus"--"It is like preaching from a law book," he says...

    "Ezekiel," he explains is always good, because the Professor says, the book is one of the few books people have heard of and this book hints at flying saucers as well as the food sections are good (e.g., 4:12-15)

    "Song of Solomon," he shyly grins, "is for those quiet, reflective moments with a member or two of the flock who need one-on-one help and along with Ezekiel 16:17 may help some between visits..."

    And so on through the Bible...

    For homework he has you watch a lot of TBN to see how the pros do it (I am starting small with raising the dead by trying to raise the stock market, so pray for me, because it is tough...I get the market up and she dies again--not good for the donations--oops, sorry, Professor, I, of course, meant Prayer Offerings!)

    For lab, he sends you to the woods to scream at trees--I got arrested by a forest ranger, incidently, and am now on the U.S. Forest Service's "Arbor Offender" list! I am not allowed within 300-feet of a national forest tree! Geez!

    All in all, thumb up on the Video Professor--I want to try his eBay CD to augment my income until I can raise the stock market!
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    Default There Is A Village In Texas.......

    that is missing an idiot.
    George, appearing with Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg made what is quite possibly the most ridiculous of his many ridiculous statements.
    He said that Russia would do well to pattern it's government after the current government in Iraq. This drew enough laughter from the attending press corps that I am amazed that he didn't say ..."just kidding".
    Vladimir, to his credit, didn't laugh in Bush's face but he DID chuckle and say that he didn't really think that was such a good idea.
    Bush is an embarrassment. Clinton lied but no one died. Too bad the same can't be said about Bush !
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    Default Brain Flatulance: we need a telethon ASAP

    I am sad to report your favorite movie star may have had to take a pay cut

    Yes, dear friends, your favorite star may well have to make do on ten million dollars per picture!

    Your favorite star works hard for six weeks to be a part of the movie you so enjoy

    It is hard sitting in a one million dollar trailer waiting a lot of these days for a close up--Stunt people and stand ins can only do so much to aid your star

    I propose you support your favorite star's latest movie by seeing it at the theatre at least three times per day on each of the opening weekend days to juice up the super critical box office Opening Weekend Take to show the Hollywood Powers to Be our Star is a star that does not need to starve

    The telethon will be you bring at least one friend and s/he will bring a friend--Issue challenges of what organization can support your star the most

    For example, have your local Illuminati chapter challenge another Illuminati chapter on who can get the most support for your favorite star..."Suggest" to neighbors your Illuminati chapter is not to be trifled with by getting their attention with a brisk slap on the noggin with a copy of "The DeVinci Code"

    Every ten dollars count, kind friends of CramerLand...
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    Default Brain Flatulance: GPS on the cheap in the south

    You're tooling around in your Nash Rambler in the south and need gps to find, say, the location of the nearest lottery dealer...Advice: stop at the nearest Waffle House if you are in the south...A WH is always on the right of the morning traffic. Its employees are the kindest folks around. I also like to find the Major Food Group of Red Necks (grease, salt, sugar, and caffein) economically priced. (If I do not have chest pains and arm numbness, I personally do not trust the eatery!)
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    Default Israeli terrorism

    Get ready for some major changes in the next 48 hours. Israel has taken the task of starting WW3 to the Lebanese by bombing their airport, blockading their ports, and killing innocent women and children.

    Don't be surprised when Hezbollah and Lebanon, Palestine and Iran decide to exact justice on the Israeli terrorists.

    Millenia of oppression against the Palestinians is coming to a head and will culminate within the next month. Mark my words. Since the inception and formation of an illegal state in 1948 they have raped and tortured Palestinians, stole their land, destroyed their houses and markets. Not to mention picking war after war with several nations, then running and hiding behind the US to protect and defend it.

    Enough is enough. Mahmoud, you have permission to fire
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    Default Warren Buffet Donation

    As you have probably heard, Mr. Warren Buffet has made the largest donation to a charity by giving $37 BILLION to the Gates foundation.

    One thing that I respect is that he believes that money should not be inherited. That is one reason why he is donating all his money after his death. What you guys think about that? No spoiled bratts in that family.
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    Default Piper at the pearly gates of dawn

    Syd Barrett died on the 7th, just released.

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