Thread: Oxford professor R. Dawkins on the god delusion

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    Default Oxford professor R. Dawkins on the god delusion

    Excellent British mini-series on the subject.
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    Default The Sopranos 4/29/07

    This was a most uncomfortable show to watch for me

    This show seemed a total shift in something I cannot put my finger on

    The ending song was rotten

    The shower scene was uncalled for and plain nasty

    Of course, David Chase may have used last night's show to throw us off guard to the final show; if so, congrats, he achieve this goal for me

    I like the subtle sound of Tony's breathing and heart thoughout--did you catch that?

    I must confess it would be nice to eat like these mobsters and still be good in the sack--two thumbs up here (who would tell one of these hoods anything otherwise)

    "The Sopranos" certainly would not make a good mob recruitment film, say like, "The Godfather I, II, and III"
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    Default Legendary 'Hogzilla'

    Hogzilla, a near-mythical monster hog that roamed south Georgia, is about to get a little bigger.
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    Default The 2nd Great Depression

    Interesting reading, not sure I agree but some food for thought nonetheless.

    Inflation, Dow 13K and the Second Great Depression
    April 26, 2007
    Michael Nystrom, MBA

    When I was about 9 years old, my father took my elder sister and I to see a performance by a famous magician called Blackstone. What I remember most about the show is when Blackstone, with a flourish of his cape, made an elephant appear onstage out of thin air. It was an astonishing feat, and the crowd - including me - went wild with applause. I had no idea how he did it. After the show however, as we were exiting the theater, my elder sister said, ?I didn?t see what was so great about that elephant. It just walked onto the stage and everyone started clapping.?

    My sister?s revelation was just as amazing as the trick itself, which suddenly made perfect sense. Blackstone had used some kind of sleight of hand, distracting the audience over here while he got the elephant to walk on stage over there. With this simple, well-known magician?s tactic, he managed to fool just about everyone.

    Yesterday, as the Dow ?smashed its all time high,? closing above 13,000 for the first time in history, I was strangely reminded of Blackstone?s performance that day some thirty years ago. The Dow?s current levitating act is the result of another well-known sleight of hand trick used by central bankers. It's called inflation. Even so, most everyone is mesmerized by the performance. Everyone seems transfixed, clapping in amazement at this spectacular feat.
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    Default Good-Bad Example

    This video will grow on you it is so good-bad

    Note the crowd

    Note the singers
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    Default We hear the term "autistic," but...

    if you are like me, you are fairly clueless...Try the following:
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