Thread: Is it worthwhile speaking to Swordfish Prime Services about reducing my mortgage?

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    Default Is it worthwhile speaking to Swordfish Prime Services about reducing my mortgage?

    Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with Swordfish Prime Services? I've been in contact with a few companies regarding ways that I can pay off my mortgage faster but not been very impressed with the initial discussions so far. I've come across Swordfish Prime Services who offer a mortgage reduction program, but not wanting to waste time going through the whole process before hearing some validation from any of their existing clients. So let me know your thoughts on this company, thanks in advance.
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    HI Joshua, pleased to report that ive had a great experience with swordfish prime services : ) I contacted them about some help with my money situation as I too was not making progress with my home loan and they came out to see me at home which was nice. They were really friendly and covered so much in a short time, I could tell theat they knew what they were doing which gave me confidence. After the appointment they got back to me really quickly to invite me into their office to discuss the results. They did such an impressive presentation that i was full of confidence and it all made so much sense. They helped me to refinance my mortgage and also showed me other areas that I was able to redirect into paying off my home loan faster. The result is nine years off a twenty five year loan - this is life changing for me so when I saw your post I had to comment. In my experience they were wonderful and I feel that you too wont be disappointed : )
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    I guess what I aminterested to see are peoples views or ideas of how me and my partner can startthe path towards greater wealth and financial independence. Do you thinkSwordfish Prime services would be a good option for us?

    Here's our roughfinancial information, dont think I need to give all expense details and thelike as I have that under control quite wel lto allow lifestyle/saving/investing.

    30 Years of age.
    Dual income ofaround 200k per annum. Both Full time jobs.
    Mortgage of 600k onhouse worth around 800-850k.
    Currently payingoff loan at around $1100 per week. Saving another $200 per week.
    There are otherpersonal savings and expenses. All bills are accounted for outside of the1100/200 above. If further information is required I can elaborate.
    I feel the need forus to have alternate investments. Right now our aim is mortgage down... its theone thing I know and which is why we are putting large amounts off the mortgage.
    But if we want topurchase a bigger or nicer house in the future.. Or build more wealth, justdoing this is not going to suffice.
    What ideas orpathways are there that we can do to start building more wealth instead of justpaying off our house?
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    w much we save is under control, weprobably could be putting more aside. But sacrificing lifestyle to a point, andcurrently we are comfortable and enjoy the little things we get in life as wellas paying more off loan and saving. A Happy balance.

    How much our savings makes us as areturn is probably what im meaning. Like in 10-15 years time if we just sitthere payign off the mortgage more and getting in front that way, is theresomething else we could be doing better... We need to find something thatmakes a lot higher percentage back on our money. find the right investment...which is hard..

    At which point you will want thatmortgage down so that one person can pay it.

    This is currently why we are workingour ass off to get it down as much as possible. you have hit the nail on thehead.

    This has always been my thought onhow we should do things in the simplest way of working towards better financialposition based on where we are.

    I guess just smashing the Mortgageand constantly putting what money we can towards that is still the smartestoption. But that's where this thread was of interest as we would be keen tolearn more about the best ways to reduce our mortgage how does it work withswordfish prime services then, do they come see me or do I have to go see them?
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    Give them a call in the first instance and then they'll probably either book a time to go and see you at home if you're cool with that, otherwise they have a few offices scattered around I think. where abouts are you?
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    I'm in Ipswich, Queensland - so not too far from Brissy. How about yourself?
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    Oh wow - I'm in Chelmsford, Essex! I thought you were in the UK too haha : )
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    No mate - I'm in Australia! SwordfishPrime Services have set up shop here pretty recently, it said on the ad I sawthat they were from the UK originally. That's one of the things that stood outfor me, that they've been going for a long time. I feel that just paying themortgage off is fine, and will get us in a better position over time. But notthe most effective way for us to build wealth. We will just have our place paidoff based on the money we have input. If the price of property goes up we makemoney
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    Heard of Swordfish Prime Services before, I work for one of the top 4 banks, they charge no fees, they get paid by their preferred suppliers, pretty standard, some companies will charge a fee on top, be weary of these companies that charge fees on top to join their 'club' etc, it's a ten year plan though, don't expect to get rich over night. They have good connections with stable builders. Originally formed in UK in 2004, now mainly australian based I believe
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    So I couldn't believe it, Just had my investment property i baught through swordfish prime Property Services 2 years ago, up $270K, time to buy another!

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