Thread: Why people tend to stick in the social and economic class in which they are born

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    Default Why people tend to stick in the social and economic class in which they are born

    The analysis shows that education and income play critical roles in the ability of individuals to make neighbourhood and decile gains when they move. There are also powerful roles of being unemployed and being (and becoming) a social renter. Both these latter effects combine to seriously restrict the possibilities for socio-spatial movement for certain groups. The results suggest serious structural barriers to socio-spatial mobility in British society, barriers which are directly related to the organisation of the housing market.
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    This country has always enabled people to rise above their station from the time of Cardinal Wolsey and no doubt well before.
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    Not quite sure, Jeremy, why you have started this topic, but feel moved to comment that such academic studies fail to understand or take account of the real structure of society. Also they all seem to start from a position that "Socio-Spatial Mobility" (whatever that is) is good without questioning it.
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    You could say social and geographic mobility. As I said, it takes a little effort to get past the academic language. Socio spatial mobility is the ability of people to move into a higher social and / or economic class by getting a better job, or learning a new way of life, in a new part of the country or indeed new country. People who live in sink council estates generally also have a poor education, poor quality neighbours, poor housing and poor job opportunities. They are either unaware of opportunities elsewhere or are unequipped to take them. These circumstances tend to run in families through the generations but are not, by and large, genetically determined.
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    But this is not my main concern. I believe that people should have as nearly equal an opportunity in life to better themselves as is possible. Inequalities of wealth and income, of social, economic and geographic origin are too great in this country and should be reduced. Whether people choose to seize opportunity or not is up to them but the opportunity should be there.

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