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    Of course Jim is a man mired in controversy. But the following takes a deeper look in to his past as well as the present. Be sure to read parts 2 and 3 as well in order to see a more complete panorama.
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    You can read the literature provided and if feeling hyper-motivated do some research on your own -- perhaps Trading With The Enemy would be a beneficial supplement. But, I refrain from thrusting my opinion forth as truth. Rather I will pose the question in contrast to what the author has concluded:

    Could it be Jim is riddled with guilt for two decades of unethical conduct that Mad Money -- where he lambasts politicians and executives claiming to accouter the common man -- is his self-imposed penance?
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    Those articles got the juices flowing and makes you wonder how much corruption is at the top. Privy info starts at the top and works its way down to the masses, but by then its to late.
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    I think the article (which is well written and researched, I think) actually describes this better ; that is, that Jim has basically been driven crazy by his own personal demons and by the contradictory way that he has run his career and how he must now present it.
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    Ever seen the movie Wall Street? This is pretty much the jist of the whole movie outside of Bud Fox battling his blue collar roots vs. his white colar aspirations. It's how Gordon Gekko gets his edge on The Street anyway.

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