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    Recovery Act" in the amount of $31 billion. The County in which the Crystal Properties River District Project is located, will be receiving over $400 million for Capital Improvement Projects.
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    Peter Anello stated that the signing solidifies the city and county's ability to support projects like ours through improvements made in the overall downtown infrastructures, traffic flows and financial assistance with remediation.
    The County's Chairman Scott Christiansen said, "One of the largest road improvements is to South Main Street -- from Klehm Arboretum going all the way north to the Village of Rockton. West State Street will also be rebuilt for better access to downtown. Funds are now available for Amtrak and we'll continue to lobby for our fair share for the Chicago/Rockford/Dubuque route. The Metro Centre will also get the necessary funding to complete its renovations, and the River's Edge and Brownfield Project were funded as well. All of these developments will directly affect the area in and around the Crystal Properties" Project. Peter Anello the CEO of Crystal Properties said, "These critical improvements will drastically help advance the project at a much quicker pace." About Crystal Properties Holdings, Inc.
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    S did very well today and is expected to do even better tomorrow-it was up 74 today-this one is on fire!!!
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    Every transaction is file under Form T to hide it from the outsie world.
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    Its Obama stimulas $$ going to Illinois.

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