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    Just wondering if this would be any good since they just signed a contract with ford. i was thinking bout buying some...

    Alternative Fuel Technologies Inc. Announces Test With Ford
    86 minutes ago - Market Wire

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    Symbol Last Chg AFTC 0.0375 17.19 F 5.53 2.79 As of 4:00 PM ET 6/23/09
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    DME is a new ultra-clean diesel fuel replacement that can be produced from abundant resources. These include natural gas, landfill methane, coal and biomass. At current oil prices, DME can be produced and distributed at less than 1/2 the cost of conventional fuel. When burned in a diesel engine, all soot emissions are eliminated and NOx emissions are lowered dramatically without the use of expensive exhaust aftertreatment devices.
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    Alternative Fuel Technology Inc. is a research & development organization engaged in the design, development and prototype manufacturing of advanced fuel systems for use with a new alternative fuel -- dimethyl ether (DME). AFTC has developed practical, low-cost fuel injection equipment for DME fueled vehicles and currently provides complete DME fuel systems for testing and research purposes in addition to retrofit systems that can be used with most diesel engines. The company's ultimate goal is series production of DME fuel systems for the global automotive market by 2011.
    Safe Harbor Statement: Statements contained in this release, which are not historical facts, including statements about plans and expectations regarding business areas and opportunities, acceptance of new or existing businesses, capital resources and future business or financial results are "forward-looking" statements.
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    You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, customer acceptance of our products, our ability to raise capital to fund our operations, our ability to develop and protect proprietary technology, government regulation, competition in our industry, general economic conditions and other risk factors which could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected or implied in the forward-looking statements. Although we believe the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, they relate only to events as of the date on which the statements are made, and our future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements may not meet these expectations. We do not intend to update any of the forward-looking statements after the date of this press release to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in our expectations, except as required by law.
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    WHOA buddy, that one link takes me to a scottrade account that says the session has expired. You aren't linking to something you found on your account are you? If so you risk loosing your portfolio to theives. I'm just was shocked when I clicked on it and don't want you to be hurt.

    Now to that stock.

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