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    This is a new issue Reverse Merger that sells E-Ciggatetts.

    I should have posted this a week ago, but to choked up on I-Hub.

    Take a good look.
    Expect a line of PRs the beginning of January.
    A name & symbol change.
    Its activly been sold in the US and now letting investors have a piece of the pie. They are the First to Market guys. So they have the name recgonition. They are also the go to guys if you want to start an E-cig company.
    This punks out my SFIO, but bullish on both.
    SFIO has time till Q reports 3 mos, but MMUH has already made $$$ and nothing but good news here.

    I've been in and out between .01-.02 for a good size base of free shares.
    Bought in big today above .035

    Forgot, LOW FLOAT STOCK !!!!!!!!! 18MM free trading float !!!!! That is major! And they have revenues.
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    Over all a very good day today.
    Monday will be fun. The new year will have a barage of news as the Company will have alot to say. If your not in yet, Monday may give ya an open door.
    I'm looking for another round of runs as this is hitting on many alerts.
    Once people take a good look at this, they will see it is a wonderful gift that they went public. 70 today and a few 100 days last week, this is trading in a wonderful range. Today is tradionaly a lousey day in penny land and this peeked its head out.
    You have a company that has a product that is first to market and has brand recgonition. The name alone has taken on the Zerox effect. Its just what these thngs are called now. When you google e-cig, this is what you get. I see these for sale all over South Georgia and Alabama. I ask and most say they can hardly keep up with inventory.
    Christmas will be a killing field for the company. They do sell. The company is making and posting positive revenues.
    I've bitch that these were not public and caused me to be very bullish on SFIO, but now this changes everything in that thought.
    SFIO has the international markets covered first, and has a true stab at getting the first FDA approval. This is big in itself and why I'm getting heavy in Both. SFIO has a few more months to post revenues that I expect to be a major event.
    MMUH already has the sales and is unknown till today.
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    i tried to find the answer, but maybe you can point me in the right direction

    so TzuFuma is owned by mmuh, and is a distributer of e-cigs but the biggest brand of e-sigs out now is the smoke assassin line which is heavily advertised. i cant find any link between TzuFuma and smoke assassin as in if TzuFuma distributes their product or not, if they do i think this would be a great investment because i can see this taking off like Nicorete gum did, but without that brand i dont think they will get far
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    Great question, I've never heard of SA. All the small mimi markts down South carry e-cig.

    Where do you find Smoke assasin? I also see that SA is not a publicly traded company. I hear Phipip Morris has one, but thats PM nyse and abot $50 a share. I think these guys like, MMUH and SFIO just want the scraps off the table. and @ $2,000,000,000,000.00 its a big table! thats 2 Trillion!
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    If you find out post it. You can always call the companies IR. I'm sure they are closed till next week or more. Glad you dug up TzuFuma. Thats the biggest piece of this pie. So far, MMUH has a LOI, letter of intend to merge as I read it, or as they put it, Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU")? anyway more PRs to be announced and we all know news is king down in pinky land. I know their main focus is to become a fully reporting company, more good news.
    E-cig is the only ads I've seen in bulk. Probably because they are all over I-Hub and that was before the MMUH R/M.

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