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    Default Does vectorvest work?

    So I've been looking at finance shows for a while now and I always see vector vest commercials. Does anyone know if this thing is any good?
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    They had a $9.95 trial last year and I bought it, it does a good screen based on their proprietary RSI that was pretty good, and I know a few folks from my local IBD meetup group that swear by it, but I do so many screens of my own I couldn't justify the $600+/yr fees. If I was short on time, I would more seriously consider it. Also it wasn't particularly Mac friendly.
    It is very different from the tout sheets, it does a nice analysis, but it does not outright pick stocks for you. I does call market bias as well (tells you if the day is setting up to be good for longs, shorts, or to stay on the sidelines).
    I find just subscribing to IBD to be more valuable overall. Hope that helps.
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    I know this reply is a few months later but there is not much on this forum for vectorvest, so I thought I would put my 2 cents in.

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