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    Default Anyone watching GOVX?

    Anyone heard any news or info on this one? I have held it for awhile now and I have been watching it slowly move for the past month???
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    MrWilson you should be one happy camper.
    7/12 and the stock is testing a new resistance point. .18-.15. Will it break through or are there enough buyers that will grab it up at this price. Nice stock to be watching.
    And some DD. about the time frame they let Andrew Kandalepas go. The stock takes a dive on lage volume. Did the company have to dump stock to pay out a contract of this once CEO of a company GVOX merged with? Or did this Director dump his stock? Hes an insider and would have to file the form to sell. Anyone check? I haven't, but like the stock. Another penny that my gut feel would get a blessing from Obama. That is good since he likes to spend the $$$$$.
    The next few days will be worth watching. I'd like to see an interday drop to .15 and high volume to recover at a gain for the day. I'd buy in then. If it test .15 and drops with a lower close then I'll just watch list it.
    My goal. get in @ .15 take a double @ .30 for free shares.
    But what the hell do I know?
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    Phase II for approval was started in Jan09. Got a clue how long that takes?
    PhaseIII and an NDA should take 6 mos+. a long road. They will license it to the World for a few bucks and projected $4B market. And this will be upfront fees paid plus royalties.
    Enough time for the stock price to hit a low. A good one to buy cheap and sit on it.
    Retirement funds here.......if it works!

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