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    Default LITL Computer buy and hold 4-6 months

    Saw the cool monitors they offer... anyone seen them anywhere... --- what about the stock --- any thoughts.... does this look like something to buy and hold for 4-6 months... ??? was thinking about it...... :wink:
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    At a glance i see an outstanding website, so clean, user friendly and professional, i thought upon first sight this company was obviously formed by Apple's best brains who jumped ship or it was a Scandanavian based company... ends up sort of both after reading the bio section (unix/linux prefered by cold weather geek)
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    this is due for a uptrend - -may get in soon... any thoughts? ---- keeping on my radar
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    I got an email on this stock about 5-6 monhts ago that said ALERT ALERT buy now 115 gains over the next 7 months and thats when the stock was at 1.13 and now its down in the pennies.. I wont touch it IMO
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    looks like maybe the start of the uptrend?

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