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    Want your opinion. I have 2,000 shares of Coke. I am with Scottrade. I want to take some profit off the top or bail out of it. There are several things to do with this. Sell one thousand shares say at 42.50 or divide this up into 200 share chunks and put in a future sale at different limits say (200 at 42.50) (200 at 42.75)etc. How would you handle this.
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    First things first. DUMP Scottrade. Consider "Interactive Brokers."
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    And who or what would be an interactive broker
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    Use limit orders, put in a 200 share limit order in at 42.50 then put another limit order in for 200 shares at 42.75. Make them good til canceled.

    KO currently consolidating between 39 & 40. Could go either way yet. Not sure what your entry price is, but it could be a stop limit if support level ends up failing. This is where those conditional order types come into play. One cancels another, one triggers another, etc.

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