Some years ago I moved to some undeveloped family land in Central Texas. The water there was bad from uncased early oil wells and nothing would grow there but mesquite trees and coyotes. Anyway, I moved a mobile home in and built me a huge pole barn.

In front of the pole barn I put an old whiskey barrel just for looks. I found a rusty old iron like they used to heat on a fireplace, and I put that on top of the whiskey barrel.

One morning, for no particular reason, I lifted up that rusty iron and found a scorpion under there. I killed it and moved on.

The next morning I lifted up that iron again...another scorpion. Until I moved back to the city months later every morning I'd lift up that iron and find a new scorpion.

I have no clue why those scorpions liked it on top of that whiskey barrel under that iron or where they came from...but they did. In the chaos of the world, I'd discovered a pattern of behavior that repeated over and over again. Why didn't matter; it just worked.

I moved and someone stole the whiskey barrel and the pole barn. Patterns change. I believe you can find recurring patterns of order in the chaos of the world and the market. You don't have to understand 'em and you don't have to figure 'em out. You just have to pay attention! Oh...and if you are not careful you could get stung!