Thread: What motivates you? The profits? Toys? Providing for Family?

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    Default What motivates you? The profits? Toys? Providing for Family?

    I am from Italy, and being a successful trader would give me and my wife the opportunity to do what we always wanted to do, live 6 months here in the USA and 6 months in Italy.
    It would be nice to drive around a Ferrari while there, obviously.
    But in order to reach that level, it is going to take quite some time, so right now, my first goal is to make 500/week so I can quit my job and focus more on family and school. I work as a barista and the weekends are a must. I do not mind working on the weekend, but I would like to have more time to spend with my wife, since I am also a full-time student.
    Oh, last but not least, I am sure that any of us have those ghost from the past that sometimes reappear, like a person saying to you that you would never be anyone or do anything good with your life and you are a loser. Having the possibility to take a little revenge against those people also motivates me.
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    I am have been retired for 5 years, have a home mortgage company and just trade for the fun of it and make some easy money. I am not interested in the cars and prefer a truck over a car. I have the money to do what I want, but have never been interested in the fancy stuff. Can buy a new car but figure that is a waste of money and prefer a good used vehicle. Couple of years ago got a Ford platinum truck that wasn't even a year old, 17 thousand miles on it and knew it was a good deal. Did the same thing with the wife's car. After all vehicles are over priced and they only get you from point A to B to start with.
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    Today everyone is in dept, (including the U.S.A) and some time soon one of these days the bill is going to come due. We rely on credit to much. Remember reading a book that said that back in 1920 only 2 of the homes in the US had a mortgage and today only 2 don't.
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    I got into stocks as my dad was in to them. Tried to get my first stock (AT&T) but at that time had to be 21. Have been working the market for the last 45 years. Have nothing in gold as I figure it is about useless. Like Dave Ramsey said it is only valued as to what some people might think it is worth. Coke, IBM are valued at what the company can produce. Take your gold coins to the store to buy bread and milk, what do you think they are going to give you back in change. Sure is not going to be gold. It would be impossible to go back to the gold standard (what started all of this mess) now.

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