I am from Italy, and being a successful trader would give me and my wife the opportunity to do what we always wanted to do, live 6 months here in the USA and 6 months in Italy.
It would be nice to drive around a Ferrari while there, obviously.
But in order to reach that level, it is going to take quite some time, so right now, my first goal is to make 500/week so I can quit my job and focus more on family and school. I work as a barista and the weekends are a must. I do not mind working on the weekend, but I would like to have more time to spend with my wife, since I am also a full-time student.
Oh, last but not least, I am sure that any of us have those ghost from the past that sometimes reappear, like a person saying to you that you would never be anyone or do anything good with your life and you are a loser. Having the possibility to take a little revenge against those people also motivates me.