Thread: Do you have an account on Giant Bomb?

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    Default Do you have an account on Giant Bomb?

    Do you have an account on Giant Bomb? (15 votes)

    Yes 33

    No 67

    I just registered a while a go and it's fun so do you have an account?
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    I got my account in 2008, the year the website started. It's a good place to talk about games in depth and the video content is very good. The active forum membership feels pretty mature and/or educated so you have to be prepared for that. Of course, they can be as pissy as any other group on the internet, too.
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    It looks pretty toxic to me, but I think you'd fit better there, judging by the content you make regularly.
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    How would I fit there? Is there something I've done here??
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    Your threads are too mature and real for this fiction based site, just my feeling thoughFacebook and YouTube comment sections are the worst considering how big they are but the comment sections still remain completely neglected. Facebook is just washed up, completely broken as a platform in general.
    I don't even play games, so Giant Bomb would be horrible for me.

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