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    Today's access problems notwithstanding, do those who use Scottrade like it? It's the top of my research heap. I like the tools.

    And isn't E-trade in big trouble? Just the mortgage part?
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    Yes, generally it works fine the majority of the time and I like the tools provided with the elite platform and the availability of a local rep by phone. However, had I had an open position that was going against me and reached my planned exit point, I obviously would not have been happy, no matter how many trouble free days preceded the problem.

    I'd still like to test drive a few other platforms though, I may think s/t's platform is garbage compared to another broker's or may find it to be superior, gotta compare first hand to find out though.
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    Costs a lot to test drive some of them unless you open an account.

    My brokerage had a couple minute hic-cup last week just when I wanted to pull the trigger, so maybe absolute dependability isn't possible.

    I didn't know there are exit fees with some companies. Looks like S-T can be used and left with none but self-inflicted pain.
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    Well, that is what I may do; open an account and see how I like it. If there are any exit fees they are automatically out of the running. I've been able to pull every last penny out of S/T and have it in my bank account either the same day or the following day via wire transfer, I can also bring a cashiers check in the morning and be trading that money in the afternoon. They also offer a Visa card linked to your account and checks. The margin account also remains open even with a zero balance. Obviously anything less than that would not even warrant a test drive for me.

    Now I sound like I'm hyping them, which is not my intention by a long shot after today's BS.
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    It will be interesting to see if they post a reason. All of what you mention is important to me. I have a branch close by and the touchy-feely part of brick and mortar is satisfying. Not like a PBJ, of course.

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