Ellen and I are heading back to Idaho after spending two months snowbirding. We are going to try and get back to the ranch ASAP barring too much snow. From what I understand it is a poor, poor snow year. So we might get in there okay in a week or so. One thing we need to establish is internet. Satellite is about the best option. Slash that it is the only real option. There is DSL up there but way - way to far away from our location. It ends three miles from us.

So that said is any one Sat service better than the other? I see where Wild Blue is changing to EXEDE and a lot faster. But I hear has band width issues and is not as fast as advertised. I have not really looked at Hughes specs and plans and services yet. I hop on to a hot spot up there that is Hughes and check my emails. It is okay and hardly earth shattering yet it is an Enterprise or Business plan.