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    Default Hedge fund tactics for Long Term Profitablity

    I am stepping a little out of the Forex arena and want to look at building a sustainable long term income return for some savings I have ..........

    I will be looking to research/test some momentum based investment systems utilising the main markets and also experimenting with fund allocation as well...

    Other Commodities

    and I will probably dabble a little in Forex as well if opportunities present (cant resist !!!)

    Can anyone recommend some decent reads ?Ive started back into the mainstream financial forums for some research as well .Moneyweek keep pushing the Tugboat trading system under my nose but I looked at it and its pretty basic stuff so I think can do better than that .......although the principle appeals re following the big movers in investment trusts and other low cost investment vehicles .......

    my aim will be capital protection first and foremost with hopefully some decent returns regardless of the main market benchmark performances .....I am after some consistency here

    answers on a postcard
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    Im not going to be about much but if you set up a private thread Ill get involved in this.
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    Buy big cap equities with decent dividends (re-invest). Never sell, but pro-rata hedge with indices futures when going gets rough until the storm passes.
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    Default read my mind B.......just got to manage all the transaction costs but still heavily researching the subject

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