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    hello friends, my name is shital patel and i am a student love to do new things and right now i just started learning about commodity market.but i have no more information about commodity market so anyone can suggest me some helpful options?so i can learn from them.
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    What are you going to trade? You don't buy commodity market as a whole, you buy assets, pick the ones that seem to have potential, learn everything about the industry and then buy it (or sell). hint: not the best time to buy oil, at least not for a newbie. Commodities are experiencing hard times this year, so I'm surprised you want to start from there. Why not stocks or currencies?
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    I would suggest that perhaps when things are beat down that is the best time to buy. What are you going to do...sell oil here? When a commodity is cheap it presents a special opportunity when compared to normal the assumption one may make is that at some point it doesn't pay to drill, mine or grow whatever it is. Can they go lower ...sure...but from a pot odds perspective the risk looks to be to the upside in beat down commodities.
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    Buy cheap...sell high.

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