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    Hi, my first post, i joined a couple of weeks ago, so hello.Question that can be answered in either of two ways, how much did you lose before you started to become profitable ie a percentage of you account or in either answer is ok, im just curious, looking back on my account i seem to have lost at first, but the amount became less as time and experience went on, bit like an upside down Bell curve.Thanks in advance.Shane.
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    If you still have money left, still trading, and the right side of that upside down bell is clearly rising then you're doing fine so far. How much someone else lost isn't relevant to your account. Some people started with a lot of money and lost it all, others started on a shoe string and managed to stay afloat during the first year or 2. Most people at some point in their early days have blown up an account or 2. I lost 50 of my first options account within a month (way way back when, lol). Mostly because the $$ signs in my eyes were obstructing my view. Very humbling experience though.
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    Hi, i think most of us go through that, then realise what we thought we knew about the markets = nothing, after reality sets in, then the learning starts. I know the word "humbling" has been used alot but it is true, once that happens it does free the mind to learn with a more realistic attitude.
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    I started back in 2000 odd, thought i knew something, easy money right! Learned more over the next 5 or so years and was very confident about what I knew. Another couple of years went by and started to have doubts about what I knew. On another few years the doubts turned into serious doubts! Not sure when itwas that I started to consider the possibility that I knew nothing was but was at least a few years ago.
    Currently im real close to 'fully' accepting the fact that I know nothing about the market.
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    ou got to more and more about less and less to the point where now you know everything about nothing

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