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    I feel sad and happy at the same time because I will never see my friends everyday again but I also finished school so that's it. I hope that all of you should work hard to achieve your goals and study hard to get your dream job. Btw, I'm not a smart person and I didn't have any school honors throughout my school life except when I was in Grade 2. :P
    I'm a really shy guy and an introverted one. I'm only talkative to my friends but not to other people especially girls.
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    i finished my last A-level 2 days ago, i feel the exact same way.
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    Nice bro. So you're going to college next school year?
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    Like all monumental changes in life.
    End of schooling phase creates:
    - some immediate sense of pressure (you are expected to find a job),
    - "disruptive" -ness (obviouslynew set of routines),
    - uncertainty (you'll find yourself evaluating whether you are competent enough or not, and
    - competition (since you wouldn't want to be left behind and be considered as a loser among your peers).
    If you like what you actually studied, you might feel a little bit excited about the prospect of working. If you already have a work experience. You'll find it easier to adjust and to move on (and to not expect incredible or horrific stuff that most first timers feels)
    If you are on some very technical fields (laboratory, research, engineering), I think working is a little bit easier than studying for introverts, unless you landed on some very toxic workplace filled with office politics, unreasonable deadlines, failing equipment, and short funds.

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