Thread: Stephen Amell or Henry Cavill - Who is the better actor?

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    Default Stephen Amell or Henry Cavill - Who is the better actor?

    Stephen Amell or Henry Cavill - Who is the better actor? (41 votes)

    Stephen Amell

    Henry Cavill
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    I'm usually the first to defend Amell on anything, but even I think Henry Cavill is a much better actor.
    Although they both look fuqqin pissed in that pic for some reason lmao
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    Henry Cavill. Stephen Amell's heart is in a right place and he's a great guy, but he's a mediocre actor.
    Cavill on the other hand, doesn't have an impressive resume and was wasted in MoS and BvS, but when he gets to shine, he is so. Charismatic. His role in The Man From Uncle is fantastic. When Zack Snyder gives him the opportunity to, y'know, act, he's very good. If only for his charisma.
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    charisma doesn't equal good acting though. Zack Snyders Superman just hasn't expressed that much emotion because he's been put in too many negative situations. Snyder needs to balance it out a bit more.
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    Which is why I don't consider Cavill a great actor, but he's a lot better than Amell, who has nothing to boot.
    Actors and entertainers. Their job is to tell a story. To be able to tell a story in a charismatic way is something to be commended for.
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    That's pretty much my only example, I sound pretentious at this point, Lal. I loved him in that movie and wish Cavill would get more roles of that calibre. He's got a Netflix film called Sand Castle which I'm pretty hyped for.
    I agree with what you said about Snyder needing to balance Cavill out. I thought his treatment was bad in MoS, but BvS was just absolutely tragic. I can no longer watch that movie without being plagued by the sadness of Snyder zapping every ounce of charisma out of the man.

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