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    Maybe someone with more electrical knowledge can explain why an electric alarm clock hooked up to a generator can gain as much as 30 minutes in a 8 hour period. We have two and both have gained time when the generator is on. The factory states that the electrical power produced is 60Hz.
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    Two theories---
    1) 'Dirty' power from a generator causes electric motors to do funny things
    2) TIme flies when you're having fun or have a deadline
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    Probably not 60 HZ. My guess is that the generator is running at higher than specified RPM giving a higher frequency making the clocks run faster.
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    That would be my guess, the frequency is off spec a little bit. I have a "doubler" that puts out 120 cycles per second rather than 60 hertz. It was used in the furniture plants to run the motors at double speed rather than putting new motors on older equipment.
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    Der Sextourist


    Looks like you guys are right to label it a frequency problem. And the issue is starting to be a problem for power integration on the grid as well.

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