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    CSTR - (LONG/$61.9 Stop) - Got a big pop to the upside on April 19th after reporting earnings and has been selling off ever since. Today, NFLX reported weaker subscriber growth and is down 15 pre-market. CSTR is the company that makes the RedBox, a convenient DVD rental service. The negative NFLX news should help lift CSTR shares. Aggressive traders would be buying today against a $61.9 Stop and the more conservative trader will wait for a close above $64 before getting involved. Either way, the risk/reward for the CSTR trade is very good.
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    What the hell are you talking about? CSTR last reported earnings on 2/6 and is not scheduled to report again until 4/26. Furthermore, 4/19 was a down day for CSTR. Your post makes no sense.
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    Now is a risky time to be buying, but CSTR does have a buy point at 63.89 along with a bounce from the 50-day moving average. Of note CSTR already experienced a failed breakout from this point.

    It appears what "Sentient Trading Partners" is refering to is that CSTR's pre-announced better than expected earnings about a week and half ago. You can find the correct details here:

    "Coinstar Results Show Redbox Price Increase Accepted
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    Shares of Coinstar (CSTR), owner of the Redbox DVD rental kiosk chain, spiked to an all-time high on Friday after the company late Thursday pre-announced much-better-than-expected first-quarter results.
    Coinstar ended the day up 7.3 to 65.78. Earlier in the session it hit a record high of 69.74..."
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    With the overall market now in accumulation, CSTR is a potential buy as it bounces from 50-day and has sliced through the 63.89 buy point. A buy there to 5 above most recent highs would be reasonable for the intermediate speculator.

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