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    Hi there,
    I'm wondering what differentiates a short and a long term stock?
    What would be a stock that I was going to put money and leave it there for the long term? would it be a less volatile stock? A larger more established company/stock as opposed to a new start up?
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    Look in to "blue chip" stocks for long term investments. I have an article on blue chips at
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    Stick to the most heavily traded and most liquid equities. Look for depth of market (bids and asks at and around the price, options with liquidity).
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    Volatility tends to be mean reverting and will change over time. So you can spread risk around different Implied Volatility Rank but... volatility is volatile..
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    means it can change. I ignore dividends (except as they apply to in the money call options) as they are priced into the stock. If you want to reduce cost basis and be more strategic learn about "covered calls" for starters.

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