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    Hello... Could anyone direct me to a website or person who provides NinjaTrader programming.
    Or if anyone considers themeselves experienced enough to program for NinjaTrader then please reply...

    I'm looking for someone to program an automated strategy in NinjaTrader for me.
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    I dont know how much this costs normally but i'm willing to pay in the region of
    The strategy isn' that complex, i just totally can't program.

    If no1 knows anywhere i could have this done, could someone recommend me a book or something so that i can learn to program NinjaTrader, Esignal and Tradestation.
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    hi.i can make any system for u .pls let me know.thanks
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    Any book on C will be good, it's all the same really.

    It's quite easy to teach yourself, just trial and error really. Download some examples from forums, look at the code, and what it's supposed to do. You'll get there eventually.

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