Thread: Any live trading room worth trying?

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    Default Any live trading room worth trying?

    What is the best trading room where I can trade following a proven good trade? Any recommendation?
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    sorry - no ..........they will ask you to pay loads of money to listen to the lead trader drone on and on about his no lose system (while he loses) ..........we are all unique so walk your own trading path
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    I was about to reveal the secret of profitable trading but I am concerned that you might share it with others thus dilating the mountain of riches said system generates.

    But a clue to he riches available via the aforementioned "secret" is : Aaaaargh !!
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    Check out this free trading room. The guy that runs it his name is Bill is an Thailand. I have known him for three years and have learned a lot from his trading room. Primarily the way I news trade Forex which has made me quite a bit of money. He is a good trader and honest and I have no trouble vouching for him.
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    That's the beauty of trading. You can live anywhere in the world and still earn a living

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