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    Default Trend or Flat indicator which to choose?

    Hi what do y using to recognise in which state are market now?
    Which rules i should use?
    Do y using indicators to recognise small volatility(flat period)?
    Or y using your eye?
    When you know exactly that new trend start(and it is not just error,noise better than 3 sigma historical period for previus 5 minutes for example?
    2/What do y using for short term volatility prediction?
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    No indicators - looking at price bars over short and longer periods, and their relationship to each other and a small range of MAs. Its vital to get the trend right over your trade timeframe but a set of objective comparators between charts will also help you get your potential targets in order of preference.
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    If you simply have to use indicators, stick a few MAs on your chart as tomorton says (BTW tomorton. MAs are indicators...LOL). If they're tightly clustered, it's flat, if they're well spaces, it's trending.

    But you can get all of that from just looking at the price.
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    Hi thanks,but maybe there are else trend-flat indicators.Like trendscore
    but more advanced with signal processing cycles, period of trend
    frequency analysis time series
    First we need the model 20 of time trend and 80 flat.WE need parameters to recognise trend it or flat form observed values with statistical significance
    First step we look into large time frame 500 mintes and wath how periods trend flat changes/Calulate period of flat,it s parameters(volatility etc)
    WE calculate parameters for this models and situation (volatility increase fast more than 3 stddev) and Make estimation of this perod of big volatility like trend(or period which can be trend with high probablity)
    So we need statistical model. And i hope on this forum here is quants,who know good mathematical models for time series
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    No, you need to identify what criteria support your own trades in your personal trading style and preferred time frame.

    I have identified a set of these for my own style and have defined in objective word terms what these look like on a chart, perhaps in stronger or weaker forms. I then use a simple table to compare how many of these factors are displayed on each chart from my watch list and how strong they are. This not only identifies a target but also grades the range of targets in order of preference and gives early warning as charts weaken or strengthen, as some of these factors will invevitably 'turn' before others.

    I think you're possibly looking to source a tool that gives you a green light to buy and a red light to sell without inputting your own analysis. Shortcuts like that don't work long.

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