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    Hi, my first post, i joined a couple of weeks ago, so hello.

    Question that can be answered in either of two ways, how much did you lose before you started to become profitable ie a percentage of you account or in either answer is ok, i am just curious, looking back on my account i seem to have lost at first, but the amount became less as time and experience went on, bit like an upside down Bell curve.
    Thanks in advance..Shane.
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    I started back in 2000 odd, thought i knew something, easy money right! Learned more over the next 5 or so years and was very confident about what I knew. Another couple of years went by and started to have doubts about what I knew. On another few years the doubts turned into serious doubts! Not sure when itwas that I started to consider the possibility that I knew nothing was but was at least a few years ago.
    Currently im real close to 'fully' accepting the fact that I know nothing about the market.
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    sh1t man. that was like a big coffee mug of slaps
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    You got to more and more about less and less to the point where now you know everything about nothing
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    Can never know everything right (unless of course,,, you are him! )
    The general gist is i started out believing i could predict the market, going though all usual ta, pa, sentiment, funnymentals yada yada. Learning all this stuff thats supposed to help me know whats gona happen next. Personally i couldnt make it work. That lead me to doubt the 'stuff' and with it the notion that i can predict with any consistency.
    I started to slowly shift over to a 'i dont really know do I' way of thinking and started to follow the market. Trouble its real hard to not drag all the 'stuff' with you, was conflict central .
    For the last few years ive been doing pretty good, for the most part I know that i dont know, am constantly profitable but, imo, the profitability gap is huge.
    Ive recently become aware (shockingly to me tbh) that i trade scared, that and dropping the final few bits of 'stuff' is what im working on now.

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