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    Default Life's Dream EAs

    We'd like to share with you our free EAs. You can download them at: link
    At this moment we are sharing 10 free EAs all of them including money management with different risk levels (percentage, d'alembert, martingale...).

    These are our EAs:
    - RSI Grid
    - CCI Cross Grid
    - Super Money Grid
    - Momentum Grid
    - Stochastic Grid
    - Ichimoku EA
    - Heiken Ashi MA EA
    - ADX Cross EA
    - BBands Stop EA
    - Fisher M11 EA

    We are not sharing source code for the moment just because comments, vars and function names are not in english language. We will share the source code after a few weeks once everything will be translated.
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    EA updates
    4 expert advisors have been updated to version v1.3:
    - RSI Grid
    - CCI Cross Grid
    - Momentum Grid
    - Stochastic Grid

    Changelog v1.3
    Data display
    - EA shows the current configuration
    - EA show information abut TP/SL levels, profit locked, lots used...
    Help lines plotted
    - EA shows solid lines indicating take profit levels.
    - EA shows dashed lines indicating profit locked once you reach take profit level (uptated in real time)
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    Can any of these EA's make a cup of tea and serve it to me with biscuits ?
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    I'm sorry. Never tea and biscuits. Our EAs only serve coffe and donuts.
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    Two new EAs added: "Super Money Grid Deluxe" and "British Sunshine"

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