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Thread: Tesco to cancel incoming direct debits without permission

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    Tesco to cancel incoming direct debits without permission

    Tesco savings have written to me to say that on 22 April they will cancel all dds that are incoming into their accounts. They say they pre notified of this change in October but I didn't receive anything. I found this facility useful and I don't believe Tesco have a right to cancel payments set up by their customers. I urge anyone affected to strongly complain by ringing 034 5678 5678. Say you want them to log a complaint.

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    Why would you believe this?

    I guess this is Tesco trying to close high interest current account "loopholes".

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    I think Tesco should concentrate on what they were once good at - selling groceries.

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    Yes I know they maybe trying to close loopholes but they have no right to cancel dds without permission. "Very intrigued" what do you mean by late to the party? Is there another forum on this and did you get the notification in October?

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