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Thread: Square foot real estate cost by state

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    Square foot real estate cost by state

    Interesting article.

    Cost of housing is a major factor for many in retirement.

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    That data is kind of useless. Within any state, $200K buys a very different kind of housing depending on the location. The primary factors impacting price are proximity to high paying jobs and quality of the school system. Those aren't things retirees care about.

    My summer house where I intend to retire eventually is in Massachusetts. It's not anywhere near the high wage Boston jobs so real estate prices are moderate even though I'm on the coast in a nice harbor village where I can walk to the dinghy dock. Put that same house in a near-Boston harbor town like Marblehead or Hingham where you can get to those high wage jobs and the house costs three times as much.

    California is like that. $200K buys an OK house in Fresno. That same house would be $1.25 million in Sunnyvale.

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    Of course- but I thought, it did give a pretty good visual, of approximate differences. Interesting that D.C. came in as more expensive than NY.

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    That's because it is comparing a city (DC) with a state (NY) that has a lot of rural areas upstate and to the west. If they compared DC with NYC, you might see them be closer together.

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    Interesting, the least costly 16 states all voted for Trump and the 9 most costly all voted Hillary....that's fascinating to me.

    I think it's good information but you need to add in property tax cost and insurance cost to come up with a true average cost for a retiree. For example, good friends of ours has a house in Houston area that is valued approximately the same as ours in Washington state but their total property tax and insurance runs $900/mo more than ours.

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