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    Default Bgem.

    Anybody get in on it?

    I received the newsletter when it was .41 I think. My funds were tied up but it closed at .65.
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    Just a few day old, what a stud.I hope you got in on that. 85%
    Product is in South Flordia Publix grocery stores so far, and a big tv promoation during the week of Fed7th.

    What news letter alert was that?
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    I got the same newsletter alert. It was Penny Stocks Expert.
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    This is two in a row for them, as they alerted to HWSY a few weeks ago. Could have made 250% if you had bought in when they alerted. But you had to get in and out quick, as it went from .06 up to .15, but was only up there for a day and then fell back...
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    you got my alert yoyomama?

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