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Thread: Which bank are you with/or have left, and why?

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    Which bank are you with/or have left, and why?

    Im thinking about switching bank accounts, and looking into the different current accounts available. Ive currently got a current account and basic saver with Halifax but theres nothing special about their account. Im also going to be starting uni next year so ill go with a bank that will also have a good student account.

    So im wondering what banks everyone uses and why? I know most of us go with what our parents chose when we were young and dont change!

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    ahh your looking to change banks that's cool
    Yh Halifax sucks
    BTW what's your PIN number?

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    Halifax cause I like their student account

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    Been with Lloyd's for over three years, switched to be with the same bank as my now husband and they have great customer service and interest rates .

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    I was with Yorkshire until i was 20 but got into a small amount of debt with them during a period of unemployment.

    I have been with Lloyds since and am reasonably happy.

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