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    Default HAL -- High Probability Setup

    Folks It does not get any better than this!

    Haliburton is at major resistence and is bottoming out. It is hitting and going to bounce off the major trend line that goes all the way back to 2009. It is hitting resistence at 37.70'ish area, the same area that was a high in Nov-Dec. Not to mention it is bouncing off the 50 EMA.

    Thats 3 support areas. Not to mention that stochastics show it extremely oveberbought. Let today's morning drop be a blessing.

    Good Luck and Happy Trading!
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    Oh! Forgot to mention, it is at the bottom bollie of the BB.
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    **Sorry, also meant to say oversold (not overbought)
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    I see what you're saying but I am not sure I agree with your conclusion. The stock could just as easily go on down to $35.

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