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    Here's a story about a guy who was on a train in Portland Oregon. Police say that he was jumped by passengers, after he began offending two Muslim women; this fellow came up on top, but, police are now charging him with second degree murder and a hate crime for defending himself against three passengers who tried to jump him in order to silence him (at least, that's what you get from the story so far, as police are apparently trying to locate witnesses to explain exactly what happened); when or if a passenger becomes unruly, verbally,
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    Anybody who thinks it's self-defence is actually insane/deluded and I mean that completely. There's absolutely no justification for what he did. It was plain and simple terrorism, at the very least, cold blooded mass murder.
    This thread should get locked honestly. I'm saddened this topic got made on Comic Vine to begin with...
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    Did you actually read the full article? He was saying something that was not liked and a few passengers jumped him and came up on the losing end; although we may disagree with what he was saying, he was engaged in free speech, just like when you say stuff that you know will be inflammatory to a Christian (e.g. in the Religion Thread, someone is actually trying to make a case that Satan is the hero and God is the villain; or, stuff like the Preacher comics and Lucifer comics and tv series). If you can't tell, let me clarify again; it is not up to fellow passengers to silence you, if you say something that they disagree with; this was a matter for the staff of this company to resolve; the driver could have done something like call for back up, had them meet him at a stop, and than either get the passenger to cease the harassment or have him escorted from the train; as long as he was not getting physical, it was not up to fellow passengers to silence him. They jumped him, in an attempt to silence him from saying something they didn't like, he had a knife, and proceeded to defend himself; they just came up on the losing end. You're getting caught up in how the person who wrote the article is trying to create a narrative about something that was totally different; disregarding the why the narrative was being constructed, this was basically a guy engaged in free speech and who came up on the winning end, after people attempted to silence him by jumping him.
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    I didn't just read the article, I've read multiple reports of the incident from multiple news agencies. If you or anybody else think's this is self-defence you're a murderers apologist (and potentially a terrorist apologist, as I believe this was terrorism). This thread should be locked because of it's entirely absurd nature.
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    Honestly, reading over the article, there's nothing to indicate for sure that they actually attempted to use any physical means, in which case, I wouldn't call it self defense.
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    Well you know its one thing to engage someone in a debate in a proper forum and its entirely another when you approach some random people in public who may not be exactly interested in debating you and you shame them if they dont (im not saying thats what happened though).
    But honestly, you dont just approach a person who is minding his/her business and instigate an argument with them for whatever reason. Decent people don't do that.
    The people who intervened may have seen him as threatening those women specially if he was armed or was wielding a knife and was talking in a very argumentative/aggressive way.
    Maybe they decided to put him down as quickly as possible to neutralized his threatening presence but obviously they failed.
    My point is the victims of the stabbing could also interpret their position as self-defense.

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