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    Greetings to All,

    I would like to explore the ACD Methodology by Mark B. Fisher mentioned on the following link:

    Has anyone live / paper traded the above method or backtested it and wouldn't mind telling his / her own experience with it.

    Your feedback would be appreciated.
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    I've used it on and off for about a year now. You have to have the appetite for the large risk that it requires usually for the breakout trades in the methodology. For fades, the risk is more manageable. He obviously walks the walk with being the largest crude oil trader in the business. His book was very enjoyable and has some other good ideas besides ACD. He did a lecture series at it is...pretty entertaining stuff:

    It definitely warrants more exploration on your part as a worthwhile strat.
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    oh yeh, I primarily use it on index futures to an extent and use my own flavor to develop the acd number. They offer a service to compute these numbers for you daily and you can get a trial. You can find it at I have no affiliation with them whatsoever.
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    For what its worth I trade acd systems and it works a beaut - particularly on google .
    The best effects are with a weekly swing trade with a 60 minute charts with your pivot points drawn in .

    iof you need any more infor give me a shout
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    on a weekly 2 hour - 1.5 dollars above the breakout point . on a daily 75 cents above breakout - but and this is a big but I havent calculated these figures based on fishers volatility calculation - as i cant find the formula or work it out - its just observation !

    but if you do have an algoriithim or a method of working out a and c points - please let me know

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