Thread: What are some good paper trading softwares for day trading?

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    Default What are some good paper trading softwares for day trading?

    I'm learning how to day trade, but all I've been doing so far is reading and watching seminars. I've yet to actually see real time charts and level II quotes.
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    Can anyone recommend some free, real time platforms for paper trading? I've looked around and found quite a few, but I don't know which to run with.

    Any input would be appreciated. :welcome
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    TD Ameritrade allows you to sign up for free. You can paper-trade on their thinkorswim platform after you've signed up. I think it's a little bit delayed for paper trading if you haven't deposited like 2,000$ and signed a few forms. But they have the best platform in my opinion and it wouldn't hurt to start learning how to use it. They also have free seminars in the chat rooms that teach you invaluable trading tips.
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    optionsXpress and TradeMONSTER allow for paper trading as well.
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    Just what Doodman said. Also check out if you are interested in learning more about day trades. Beer Trader is very helpful as is the information on his site.

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