Thread: How can I figure expected highs for the upcoming day?

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    Default How can I figure expected highs for the upcoming day?

    And when would the high occur during the day. I imagine that these can be done after intense back testing. What in particular should I look for?
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    Oh my, what you are asking about is the eternal question that just cannot be answered. To have that kind of predictive power would make one a God if not at least a Demi-God.

    I'm up on a position right now but am not sure when to get out as I believe that I can make more in the next few days so I'm hanging on.
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    I do have the formula to compute the exact high low as well as the open and close of every stock in the S&P for tomorrow, and for the right price I will see that you get it. Oh, by the way, I also have some beautiful swamp land here in South Florida that I would love to show you too.
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    the best is probably to use pivot points to project a likely range. then you'd simply make a calculated bet using your risk\reward parameters.

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