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    New to the forum, so hello one and all

    is this a common trading strategy? Relatively new to spread betting, been doing it for 6 months and am feeling a little more confident. (I realise this comes with time, and experience, both good and bad).
    This last 5 days I've been in and out of trades daily, throughout the day and snatched close to 400 points (I've made a lot of short trades, time held from a few seconds to maybe 15 minutes maximum, I'm lucky in that I am desk based at work 95% of my working day. Average this week of 11 trades/bets a day). I still only do the minimum value, ?2 a point with my company.

    Is this called scalping? And is it a successful way of spread betting? Genuinely interested.

    Like I said, I am new to this, still extremely cautious (I'm a tight git) which I think explains my 'preference' to only have a trade/bet open for a few minutes. At present, I prefer to 'grab' (or scalp, if its called that) a few points/?'s in a few minutes rather than hold on for the longer trades.

    Any opinions guys (and girls)?
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    In terms of popularity I really don't know.
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    Is it a successful way, who am I to say which way will give you success. In all honesty your the better judge of the success than me you have been trading it after all.
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    I would give a word a caution to remember risk levels and to build some sort of plan. I also heard that some brokers close accounts for scalpers so that's perhaps worth looking into.
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    Attempting to successfully scalp with a SB company is not possible in my and you would need to have a direct access account.

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