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    Default Is this already created in excel or something I could use?

    I am new to posting in here so I apologize if I have not read through the hundreds if not thousands of other posts and comments.

    I am looking to find out if anyone has created an excel sheet that has the following series of information ( I have found one showing the RSI, Bollinger bands and CCI) in excel, but I am looking to find out if it is possible to find the the patterns created and identified by , with the ability to use with additional indicators a conditional format to buy or sell based off additional conditions.

    Basically what I'm looking for is something I can't get out of my head which I posted on linkedin:

    I want to trade, but I don't feel comfortable trading, until I can backtest my theory of different ifs, ands, ors, and/or buts concept effectively.

    Perhaps I am just being lazy and not wanting to put in the time to reverify what I know by learning how to code (how long does this really take to learn effectively?), and prove my strategy to be effective without major losses then able to produce a template that becomes an autobot for me to buy and sell based upon pre-conditioned requirements I have established?
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    My main problem is I don't know how to code and feel overwhelmed and frustrated by no one around me able to walk me through the process or I get too many distractions and I fail to figure anything out to test.

    I am looking at sites like, and books like "Getting started in candelstick charting" by Tina Logan and would love to try to connect the implications of doji hammer, and other highly profitable found candlestick patterns with ma 50, 100, 200 or well you get the idea, using other indicators like self-identified supply and demand consolidation breakout zones and other methods.

    I am 100% confident my method is fool proof (until proven otherwise which then, I would then re-look to add or change other conditional formating requirements to buy or sell.)

    I'm not promsing big bucks every trade, or a high frequency of trades as long as each trade is profitable which would be my overall goal with minimal unrealized loss potential in each transaction
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    Thank you for the reply, however I'm looking to create it myself, I just if anything would like to get some idea of what sites (applications) to use to create this...

    Maybe it is just me, but I don't see the logic of paying someone to code for something the code is suppose to be profitable.

    Either the coding is flawed, or the method is flawed and needs to go back to rout 1 again to retest and reformulate the right answer.
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    I've done a lot of excel work like this.

    You'll need to be good at excel and eventually excel vba...and have a programmer's mentality. Everyone doesn't have it.

    You'll also have to properly define your candle sticks. All hammers aren't of the same proportion nor size, etc. Some proportions may work better than others. How will you know.

    Which parameters will you use for the other indicators. Are you going to assume the standard parameters are best, or are you going to code additional programs to backtest them individually to see how they perform.

    How will you recognize and deal with curve-fitting.

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