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    Default What is hell?

    Is Hell waiting for eternity in line at the DMV? Is Hell being dragged by ones significant other to a shopping mall or department store for countless hours even though the one being dragged to the retail location has no real reason to go shopping other then to carry the other person's junk... I mean purchases?

    Or is Hell a place where wifi is always free but every page you try to load is always indefinitely buffering?
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    Hell is hearing even one more news article on that racist dementia-sufferer Sterling and how he's obstructing the progress of the team's divestiture by tieing up the impending sale of LA Clippers NBA team.
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    My hell already was - suddenly having my car be an older Chevy Citation (father in law's old car) - after my beloved first volvo was totaled after someone ran a red light very late (I had two witnesses, not at fault, not hurt).
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    Yes - back in the early nineties. I remember doing the twirling car in the intersection maneuver. Whew! A guy at the bus stop stayed, and the woman in line behind me stayed, until the police showed up and they told them what they saw.
    Sturdy car, that '84 volvo.

    Not sure which car I'd pick to find it hell (from envy point of view) to be the passenger in. So many to choose from
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    If it's her money, what business is it of anyone else what she spends it on? Any man who cannot be gracious enough to spend some time with a woman while she shops doesn't belong in such a relationship.

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