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    Default JPM looks like a great buy

    on a $2-3 pullback, i think jpm looks like a great buy.. even at its curent price it looks like a great speculative buy as a supplement to bsc.

    not just because of the acquisition of bear stearns but just based on the hq building which was basically bought at a 70% discount. also the only thing jpm wants with bsc is its equity division. if bsc is acquired by jpm, theyre probably going to let go of 80%+ of its work force or a smaller division plus some of jpm's own workforce

    again, just a good spec play :top:
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    I dont think the building is bought yet? dont they have like 3 more months to settle the whole deal including the building.
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    That's true, and can you please tell me a little more about it's equity division and what it's worth and could be worth later in the year and how this affects JMP bottom line by 4th quarter?
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    I believe Dimon only bargained for the option to purchase the building, even if they wanted to sell it too someone else. I don't think they have actually purchased the building yet.
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    Amen on the spec play. I bought last Mon but will probably get out after the visa ipo. This whole deal is going to be one of the most interesting legal battles ever. Stockholders, bsc management, against fed and treasury.

    The deal was put together so hastily that there are bound to be many unintended consequences to attack in court. Especially that building!

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