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    Default WD GANN Trading concept

    Do u believe in W.D. Gann Trading Concept/Strategy?
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    There is another thread by radha55 discussing this. If u search for it you could get some trading ideas.
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    I have the PDF file of TRADING THE GANN SQUARE OF NINE but it takes a while to understand what the book is trying to say.
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    The extension of Gann.. is Murrey Math, Mostly Ive seen the concept used in Forex.. Iam Studying it & find it good..

    any further details regrding same Like Afls, Metrastock Codes, Systems Docs. may be started in combination with W D GANN's Concept.. or can start a new thread..

    @ Mods: (I know there are few threads running on the Concept, But I feel They all are dead at present, Hence advocating)

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