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Thread: Going cashless abroad

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    Going cashless abroad

    I have a Barclaycard Platinum card with no fee on foreign cash withdrawals and I'm off to Barcelona then Venice.

    I guess withdrawing cash on a credit card will never feel quite right... but other than the usual (pay/withdraw in local currency, tell bank before you go etc.), any tips for going cashless?

    Some card machines here have a fee - does this happen in Europe? Particularly Barcelona airport when I land

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    Use your card for purchases wherever possible and when withdrawing cash, take out larger sums, rather than lots of smaller amounts.

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    As you say, paying in local currency is essential and in Spain it's common to be offered the option (and it should be an "option") to be billed in GBP.

    Take backups - even though they might be more expensive. Cards are more prone to blocking overseas, even if the CC company is aware of your travels. I tend to withdraw larger amounts of cash than I otherwise would and keep a reserve just in case.

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    Spanish banks have now started charging various fees for ATM withdrawals, but perhaps not all yet. There have been reports of which ones are still free if you want to search here and the Overseas board. There may be a range to try at Barcelona airport if it's not too busy.

    A good backup card is Loot, prepaid account so no credit check, easy to get and simple to use:

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    I am not aware about this charge ?.
    Could anyone please name typical example cash machines that charge for cash withdrawal.

    How to identify which one does which one doe not, thanks ??

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