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Thread: Living Expenses

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    Living Expenses

    How much living in London cost for a single person.

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    As a guide, I live in Zone 2 in a flat shared with 5 others. I pay 750 for my room (Including all bills and a cleaner) (I live in a really nice bit of London, rougher areas are cheaper)
    I pay 126 on a zone 1-2 travelcard
    I spend around 100 a month on food, possibly a little less (however I only really eat one meal a day and mostly just snack on fruit)

    The rent will be your biggest cost, If you want a flat entirely on your own then you'd be looking around the 1500 mark just on rent..
    Rent does get cheaper the further out you go but then you have to consider than travel gets more expensive into the centre

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    So for a shared apartment you are suggesting I should spare atleast 1000 per month for simple living.

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    Pretty much, London is extremely expensive. You could potentially find a room in like zone 3-4 for around 550-600 but then you'd need to add more for the travel (it's up to you if you want a travelcard or just want to top up your oyster each day, or even use contactless)
    Then as much food as you want,
    I get 1000 each month (from my parents and my boyfriend) and that just about covers me each month

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