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Thread: 10% yield and a rental guarantee of 10% for 2 years in UK

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    10% yield and a rental guarantee of 10% for 2 years in UK

    Trivelles is a cost effective and numerous extra ordinary investment opportunities providing firm in the UK to provide best properties to the investors to invest in. Trivelles offers investments with up to 10% yield and a rental guarantee of 10% for 2 years. Offers interest free finance as well.

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    and write in good English please so that we can all understand.

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    DA Iqbal - do you by any astonishing coincidence live at 4 Southbrook Terrace Bradford, which from Zoopla appears to be a terraced house divided into student flats, given as the Bradford Office of Trivelles Group, a company registered in July this year by sole director Kamran Armani, director until that time of Trivelles Hotels and Resorts which in 2006 replaced TRIVELLES ESTATES LIMITED, who lives in Rainham where TriveIles has its H.Q. at the serviced offices of the commercial centre in Marsh Way ? The website was created in June this year and it seems that TriveIIes and TriveIles International (with its Bradford office and website are the same outfit.

    Is this company, which has yet to present accounts, the Trivelles you mean? There seem to be/have been at least ten companies with the name "Trivelles". According to "Trivelles has been established for over 25 years. "

    I see it has very recently presented a planning application to convert a building in Nottingham to student accommodation.

    I will not be going near this proposition myself. It looks to me like other ventures to get people to buy a physical share in property up front with a "guarantee" of no more than two years 'rental income (of much fine print and if worth anything, then only for the lifetime of the Limited Liability company that issued it). Brings to mind those time-shares of decades past. But if this is not the case, please explain everything in detail.

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